Scaff Master Pricing Structure

The Scaff Master app is free with just a monthly usage charge which includes all report production, emailing of reports and secure cloud storage of reports and spreadsheets.

We have a number of options based on the number of users each month.

Number of Users*



1 – Occasional User












10 +




Employees can now clock in and out remotely using Scaff Master – this added feature is available as a bolt on to the main app for £2/month per user.

If you don’t carry out many inspections but still want to produce better reports we offer an Occasional User rate of just £14/month with a charge of £1/report produced each month.

All other tariffs include unlimited reports.

In itself this provides an immediate saving, if you currently use a traditional triplicate form which is then posted to your client, as a typical triplicate form costs £0.40 and second class postage is currently £0.75!

There is no minimum contract, we just ask that you supply written notice of cancellation within 28 days of your next invoice date.

To discuss a trial or for more information please contact us.

* Each user is securely logged in using one of a number of trusted email providers